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TH - Ai Koizumi by whianem TH - Ai Koizumi by whianem


This is what I think about my character: La is puking Rainbows 


Name: Koizumi, Ai. 
Ai-chan, Koko or Koiku (children at EEUU couldn't pronounce her last name correctly, so they called her "Koiku" or "Koko")
16 years old.
First grade.


Club: Fashion.


- Sweet and cute things: candies, makeup, fashion, colors, women's magazines, hugs, puppies, kitties, etc, etc.

- Soft music: chill out, mostly.

- Practising yoga.

- New things.

- Writing, mostly the minutes she spends writing in her diary.

- Watching people doing those things that she’s not able to do. Sometimes, she almost feels like if she were there.


- Being ill.

- Not be able to do a lot of things that other girls can do.

- She's afraid of things that can make her feel worse: loud music and noises, people shouting, bad mouth, fights, unfair things...

- Watching people doing those things that she’s not able to do. It’s hard not to feel secretly envious, deep inside... 

- Vegetables. She barely eats anything else.


Girly // Dreamer // Brave // Over controlled //  Friendly //  Intelligent // Romantic // She's colder than it seems //


How is she? A mix between Disney Rapunzel, Belle and Snow White in a regular shojo manga.

 Ai can be resumed in: she would be the typical extrovert and funny girl if it weren't for her heart disease. So, she's still sociable and won't doubt about join her friends at almost any plan, but she always controls the hurricane that she really is.

Now that she’s going to start a normal school life, she can’t wait to live all those things that she hadn't been able to live until now.


Ai is a sweet and brave girl who has faced bad things since she was a little child. She loves life and experience new things, though she's very cautious with everything: she has learnt to see life from far because of her disease. Anyway, she's the type of person who says "yes" to almost every proposal. Maybe she won't go on a ride, but she will join her friends to the theme park.


She controls almost every side of her life. Her parents (mostly her mother) taught her to be careful with things what could deteriorate her health: big emotions, big worries... Strong stimulus, overall. That's why she won't accept anything bad twice. Bad people, problems, bad mouthing, hate, fights, abuse... Anything. At the first sign of anything that can make her get worse, bye.

But this has two faces. She's controlled and that makes her being quite cold many times. Sweet and polite, but cold. She won't be the one who will listen to all your dramas though you need it, because she can't stand it. Her heart would suffer too much. She won't be the one who will flirt with you openly, because she won't let her heart suffer a very big thrill. She will run away of every complicated situation for her heart, and that can hurt friends and enemies equally. 


Because she has passed the most of her life in a hospital, she has read a lot and has things very clear. She’s a dreamer, so she knows what she wants in her life… more or less. She wants an epic love, extremely loyal friends, adventures… She enjoys a lot writing in her diary and imagine from time to time adventures, where she usually use her friends as the main characters (but with changed names! The perfect crime!).


She doesn't use to talk about her feelings because it would be dangerous. But she wants still express them, so she uses her diary and her imagination to express them in key of fantasy. She's sociable, but very introvert when it's about her. She, simply, doesn't know how to express her feelings. Simple socialitation is easy, but deeper relationships are something unknown and scary to her.


She tries to be almost perfectly sweet and controlled in her thoughts and feelings, but sometimes she feels sad and envious while watching others do all those things that she can't. She won't confess it openly, she can't, but...she feels that way. That's why she can't have a true friend, because she can't avoid feel a bit jealous of all of them. 

This makes her feel sad and sadness makes her heart suffer... so she run away from close relationships before get emotionally and phisically hurted.


In resume, she only wants to be a normal girl for once.


Ai-chan was born with a delicate heart. When she was four, it was the first time that she was hospitalized. Her parents were with her all the time, even her older sister (who only was eleven) was there.

That was the first of a big amount of visits to the hospital. Until that moment, she was going to a regular school with other kids, but when she was eight years old she was definitively hospitalized. Her problems forced her to leave the school, because there were many risks to her and the school couldn't assume her special care every day.

So, since she was eight, she had a feet at the hospital and the other one at home. Her parents hired different particular teachers for her, so she studied alone the most of her life. Though there weren't many children at the hospital, she made friends soon. In those periods when she wasn't too weak, she was the soul of the children section. She had to travel a lot of times to EEUU for treatment and pass there a lot of time at the hospital, so she couldn't keep the same friends along long periods of time. On the other hand, she meet two different cultures and learnt english from first hand.

Her marks were always high. Maybe because she couldn't see a lot of the world, she loved to read and study as much as possible.

On the other hand, though her marks were the best and she hadn't problems making new friends, she barely knew a few things about the world outside the hospital. She never slept in a friend's house, went to the cinema to watch a horror movie or went to a party in the night. She never took a walk in the mall with her friends and drunk a coffee after visiting a few shops. She never had a boyfriend. She, definitely, never lived a normal life. Her parents tried to make her life as normal as possible, but her disease was a big impediment.

Two years ago, doctors agreed with her and her parents to try a new medical treatment. Miraculously, that made her improve madkedly, enough to start doing things that she couldn't do until that moment. Her life seemed to start again.

The last summer, after thinking on it for a long time carefully, Ai-chan found the courage to tell her parents her desire of studying in a normal academy with other girls and boys of her age. This made them feel terribly anxious and the "no" was inmediate. But she had taken a decision and she wasn't going to give up so easily. She insisted almost every day, explained once and again carefully all the pros of letting her study out of home, etc. She even started a hunger strike, though it only lasted until the dinner.

Finally, their parents talked with the doctors and they agreed with Ai-chan. Someday, she would need to go out of home into the real world, and this was a good way to start in a controlled enviroment. Finally, they let her study in the Tachikawa-High, an academy with very good references that looked suitable for her daughter.

Additional Info:

- She suffers a heart disease. Her health is very delicate.

- Sometimes, when she lives too many thrills, breathing is difficult for her. Some times she has fainted.

- She can’t eat as much as she would like. Her diet is very soft and healthy.

- She speaks English very well. She wants to learn French now.

- Contrarily of what can be expected, she doesn't dislike hospitals. When she recovers someday, she will be volunteer at hospitals to entertain children.

- It seems that she's waiting a heart transplantation... but she's not sure. She doesn't dare to ask her parents.

- She has never been kissed.

- She can't practice sports, but the soft ones like yoga or tai chi.

- She likes arts, though she's horrible at all of them but writting. She has the musical sense of a table. And the same with drawing. She's only good at writting.

- She would like to fall in love, but she doesn't know how is it. And she avoid strong feelings, so... She's her biggest enemy in that area.

Quotes: “I only want to be a normal girl… and to live my own 'happily-ever-after', why not.”

(this will most likely start off empty)

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moonlightwalk Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I was reading up if something matched up between her and Milo to start the RP with when I read this:

'She wants an epic love, extremely loyal friends, adventures… '
I love her now, I mean who doesn't dream of that :D
whianem Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2014   Digital Artist
Ooooh!! and your boy hasn't had a girlfriend before!!! *O* he's lo-ve-ly!!

Please, let's be friends! T^T
moonlightwalk Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Haha, yeah he has never had. I think he's just unmotivated or something =p

Lets work on that RP then :D
vicfania8855 Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2014  Student Digital Artist
She is so cute! 
whianem Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2014   Digital Artist
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mr-puffpuff Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2014
he r puffy hair

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whianem Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2014   Digital Artist
Of course I want! I prefer to rp with comments, it's faster and easy. Are you ok with it? If you are, there are two ways: 

TH - RP (Ai and Otsu) by whianem 1. Me, or you or both in a collab xD, draw something for our rp. In the description there are an introduction to the situation and then, one of us continue the rp of what it's written in the description.

TH - RP? (Ai Koizumi) by whianem 2. I open a new comment like "RP HERE - :icon blahblahblah:" and we start something without making a new drawing.
mr-puffpuff Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2014
i dont really-- rp through comments
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whianem Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2014   Digital Artist
Skype is almost impossible to me. The time difference makes everything too difficult :/... Sorry, then. But maybe the next time ^^ 
mr-puffpuff Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2014
We're actually in the exact same timezone, if you're really in spain, there's no time difference. It's 7pm for me.
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